Elite Skier Trick Event Recomendations

Please use this page as a base for input recommendations

Let me summerize where we are to date. We have tried a several times to coordinate input from skiers. The idea is to have the best possible mechanism so that all input is seen and considered.

I met with many of the top trick skiers at the World Championships on Friday afternoon and we discussed changes as well as a method to gather input.
The change recomendations ranged from "re-evaluate everything" to "only change a few minor things". Based on the range of input, we are trying to get a better consensus. A problem is that often changing one or two things leads to changing other things to try to get the correct relative balance.
Also, besides just points people made comments about rules. For instance the number of flips was an issue. The number of flips are currently limited to 6 by rule. This could be changed or eliminated, however, also the point values of flips could be lowered which would be another way of limiting how many flips skiers do. This assumes that the trick event should be a balance of a variety of tricks rather than a "flip-off".
The form supplied shows all trick with values of 400 points or more. This should be the focus of the change.

My plan for this page is to show the input form as a web page. It will also be available as an excel spreadsheet for downloading (right click and then "Save As").
I will list the top skiers and others as the input froms come in and convert them to web pages so that everyone can see them.
Nicolas Leforestier and Cory Pickos sent their ideas in and I have started with that. Others also sent in suggestions (Joel Wing, Wayne Bryant) but we are looking at a change from the original question so I wanted to give them another chance based on our meeting.
Along with each page I will post a comment or explanation in addition to the comment field next to each trick so if you have a general explanation or other general idea or suggestion, I will add it to the form.

The attendees of the meeting agreed that the goal would be to get all input by November 1. I will send out this information. Please encourage your fellow athletes to send in their ideas. If your suggestions is "do not change anything" please say that also. We are trying for full communication and dialogue.

Thank you.

Bob Corson
Chairman, IWSF Tournament Council

Skier Input
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