Hi Bob,



I agree with much of what has been posted concerning adjusting the points to better reflect the difficulty and risk of tricks. However, I feel that we need to take a look at the overall format and see what improvements can be made to accomplish a few needed elements.  I think we need to create a forum that provides the following:


  1. Allows for creativity and diversity.
  2. Puts on a better show.
  3. Is more attractive to new participants.


The next step is to adjust or balance the points to reflect difficulty, risk and time of execution.   I think before we change the points of a few tricks we need to know the direction we want the sport to go and then set the points up to take us there without placing restrictions to accomplish it. 


At this point we should be considering rule changes like being able to split up a trick and its reverse.  This would make a trick event look very diverse instead of seeing the same few tricks grouped together.  This change would also help every level of skier put runs together.


The point values are very important, especially to the elite competitor, but we need to consider format changes that will help the presentation and attractiveness of the sport and benefit all is participants.




Matt Rini