my name is christophe duverger i am french national coach and i used to trick some....
i have been reading and listening about all the changes skiers are trying to do to make this event more fun and fair.
i will not talk about tricks value  with some of the bests skiers on the planet but i would just like to say one thing.
the trick event has always been for me the event of creation! i enjoy watching in 87 world's ,kreg Llewelyn doing a run, with for the first time in our sport, so many body overs in one run!
later, i also thought it was the coolest thing to see nicolas doing so many flips in his hand run!!
to me the trick event is today what it is because of these guys and others like carlos suarez, cory, patrice.... who were so creative !!!!
i see now that some of us want to change the rules for a tricks like  the front flip!
why would people be cut if they are able to do a perfect front flip inside the rope????i think it is going against creativity..  do we change the event to make it better or to make it easier to juge????
tell me if i am wrong!..