i will try to explain my thoughts in English in this e mail!!!

first thing about flips:
i think it won't be a great idea to dicrease flips value. If you do that, girls won't go anymore forward with this kind of tricks, then we will be back ten years ago!
On the other hand, going up with revers flip BFB would be great, this is a so hard trick to do all the time, even for some guys.
About front flips... why not letting the true front 800 pts and puts a front roll for 500 pts.

About toes steps: TWLO is much more harder from a judjement point than TWLBB, why not going to 550 points for TWLO.

Third thing is about
reverse tricks, i think a lot of tricks like RTWBB, RW7B... are more difficult than the normal tricks. For the RTWBB why not going to 400pts....

Ski line: i think points should stay at the same place for SLO and SLBB.

That would be great to
increase tricks points like W7F, which is a risky trick, and often you have to put it as first trick. Same thing for T7F, it's an inconsistent trick and you have to put it as first too. T5F and wrap TO are much harder than a T5B.

Why you don't ask oustide opinions from retired skiers or coaches which are not involved in tournament anymore. They will have an advice i think much more objective than elite skiers. Why not asking guys like: Mike Ferraro, Matt Rini, Camillo, Tanguy, Christophe Duverger, Andrea Alessi......