SETUP PAGE - (For calculation references) Notes:
    NZ Ranking   NZ Ranking Overall - Base standards (As at 1-Oct-04) Data format for individual performance records (IWSF upload csv file data fields)
SKIER SLALOM Countback   Gender Slalom Tricks Jump Field Field Name Type Width Dec Notes:
DIVISION Min Start Speed  Start Speed. Gender F 1@10.75 = 61 8580 50.5 1 LAST Character 20   IN CAPITAL LETTERS For example: JONES
B 43 46 M M 1@9.75 = 73 11680 67.8 2 FIRST Character 20   In title case. For example: Michael
G 40 43 F           3 SKIER# Character 11   Federation specific skier member number or bib number.
JB 37 46 M 4 GROUP Character 1   1,2, or 3 (NZ is in Group 2)
JG 34 43 F 5 COUNTRY Character 3   Normal IOC code (NZE, AUS, USA, GBR, ITA etc)
M 46 46 M 6 SEX Character 1   M or F (For Male or Female)
OM 58 46 M 7 TOUR Character 8   Tournament cose (eg NZE08)
OW 55 43 F
Data is only to be entered in the unshaded cells on the Master page. Shaded cells contain formlas and the number will appear automatically.

Slalom scores are calculated automatically from the off-the-ski performance data entered.

You will need to check the minimum start speed and maximum rope etC on this setup page. These have been preset to normal for the current season/rules but special tournaments may need adjusted base settings.

The NZ ranking calculation uses base performances established by the NZTWSA Technical Committee at the beginning of the NZ summer season [Oct 1st each year]. (These are will be the IWSF world record Men and Women performances at that date.)
The NZ Ranking base performances are entered above on this setup page.

The event results pages are automatically compiled when you activate a selected resuts macro on the "MACROS" page.
8 SL Numeric 5 2 Slalom performance (Points result) [Refer to setup page for further detials]
SJ 25 25 SJ           Female skiers: Points start at 43km/h on 18.25m
SM1 46 46 M           Male skiers: Points start at 46km/h on 18.25m
SM2 46 46 M           Reminder example: 51pts is always 3@12m regardless of division or sex.
SM3 40 46 M 9 TR Numeric 5   Tricks performance - Points
SM4 37 46 M 10 JU Numeric 5 1 Jump performance - Distance (m)
SW1 40 43 F 11 ALT_SCORE Numeric 7 2 If a slalom score, buoys of last pass
SW2 37 43 F           If a jump score, optional use distance in feet
U21B 46 46 M           If a trick score, blank
U21G 43 43 F 12 YOB Character 2   Year of birth - (Important for performances of Junior aged skiers)
W 43 43 F 13 CLASS Character 1   IWSF Tournament Classification - "R" for Record or "L" for ranking List performances
14 ROUND Character 2   Round number the performance was achieved.
15 DIV Character 2   Skiers Division (local meaning)
Slalom Rope Conversion Factor 16 PERF_QUAL1 Numeric 6 3 If slalom, then line length of last pass (14.25, 13.00, etc.)
  Factor Factor           If jump then ramp angle (.235, .255, .271 only)
Rope Length (All except SJ Div) (SJ Div Only) 17 PERF_QUAL2 Numeric 2   Jump: Max permissible speed for jump.
9.75 48 54           Slalom: Actual speed of the last scored pass for slalom.
10.25 42 48 18 DATE Date 8   Date of performance (if text YYYYMMDD)
10.75 36 42 19 SPECIAL Character 1   "J" if performance done under Junior Rules
11.25 30 36           "F" if performance is Ski Flying
12.00 24 30 20 SPEED_CTRL Character 1   Y=Yes, N or blank=no
13.00 18 24 21 SL_MISS Character 1   * Means 1st pass not complete (Optional if score is already adjusted)
14.25 12 18 22 PLACE Numeric 3 0 Placement in the event - use the final placement in each performance record so if the skier placed 2nd and the tournament was 3 rounds, each round record will indicate 2nd place.  Also, the placement is for the division the skier skied in so that a tournament will have a corresponding set of placements for each division.
16.00 6 12
18.25 0 6 ** Total **                     116
23.00   0    Additional fields for local meaning may be added here such as Club, or State, or League.
Sample text inputs
Round 1 shown all three events with a ; delimiter